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Discover the Essence of "PIEZE"

In the digital payment domain, "PIEZE" represents an innovative payment gateway characterized by its speed, efficiency, and seamless user experience. It leverages cutting-edge encryption for secure transactions, setting a new standard in the world of swift and reliable digital payments.

Key Piezers

The Perks Of PIEZE

All in one place

Most of the leading online payment solutions are available at your fingertip.

Simplify your payments

Streamline online payments by automatically generating and managing invoices electronically

Pieze Plug-ins

Supports many major platforms and Pieze will create Plug-ins on demand.


Supports Android, iOS and Huawei


APIs available for seamless connectivity

PIEZE Channels

Explore our PIEZE family


Internet Payment Gateway partner for Visa, MasterCard, and China Union Pay card payments.


QR solution partner for the LankaQR and JustPay solutions.

Navigating the PIEZE Ecosystem

Unveiling the Melody of PIEZE products

Each product section within Pieze contributes to a harmonious and seamless digital finance experience. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of the various sections, working together to provide users with a comprehensive and unified platform for all their financial needs. Also, it plays a unique role, contributing to the overall symphony of financial empowerment. It suggests that by exploring the diverse features and capabilities of each section, users can orchestrate a harmonious and empowering financial experience within the Pieze ecosystem.

Toolkit of PIEZE

PIEZE is new ease


Pieze Portal

Explore Pieze experiences from the customer's perspective.


API Piezeor

API integration support


Pieze Plug in

Plug and get Piezed


Pieze SDK

Kit for mobiles


Common Piezetions

Pieze stands out as a dependable multi-pay payment platform, backed by the Bank of Ceylon. It guarantees the safety, cost-effectiveness, and dependability of online transactions for your clientele, leveraging the diverse payment solutions offered by the Bank of Ceylon

Pieze enables businesses to accept various online payment methods through a single payment platform. You can experience hassle-free transactions as your businesses no longer need to integrate payment methods individually or manage various portals at different payment rates.

Pieze is a business channel managed by the Bank of Ceylon, a premier financial institution with a presence in over 2,000 customer touchpoints across Sri Lanka and overseas.

The Pieze platform currently supports popular payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Lanka QR, Union QR, and BOC Smart Pay. As additional payment instruments are integrated into Pieze, merchants will have access to them at no extra cost

Feel free to apply to Pieze. It’s entirely free, with no fees for the application process or the setup. Charges apply only to the usage and distinct transaction fees associated with each payment channel.

Pieze supports in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) enabling you to accept transactions.

Pieze offers a smooth and hassle-free onboarding experience for all kinds of businesses operating in Sri Lanka, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, companies registered under the Company Act, as well as government and semi-government institutions

Yes, freelancers can indeed use Pieze to collect payments. Simply register your business as a Sole Proprietorship and open a Bank of Ceylon account under your business name. You can then set up your Pieze account for free or reach out to us for assistance if needed.

Pieze prioritizes convenience with its streamlined online application process. Prospective merchants can begin by creating a user account on Pieze and verifying their email address. Next, they undergo mobile verification and submit their KYC (Know Your Customer) information. Once done, Pieze will reach out to assist in completing the necessary documentation.

Merchants must have a Sri Lankan rupee account with the Bank of Ceylon to access Pieze services. However, they also have the option to open an account parallelly with merchant affiliation.

Pieze settles payments automatically to your bank account on the following business day (T+1 basis)

Yes. If you're the owner of a sole proprietorship, you can sign using the proprietor's seal. For partnerships, all partners must sign collectively with the partnership seal. As for other businesses and institutions, it relies on the documentation that authorizes signatories to enter into agreements.

Pieze has a sandbox. You can test anything as you are doing it in a live environment on the internet. We assure you that anything that happens in the sandbox stays within the sandbox itself. If you need to test your website’s payment gateway or how your internal system works with a payment gateway, you can use Pieze to assist you

• Simple answer – No!, payments issued in the Sandbox do not process as the rest of the live environment. It’s a UAT system to test yourself. While the Sandbox mimics the appearance of the live platform, simulating the payment processing in Pieze, the transactions are not executed in reality. The purpose is to offer you a comprehensive understanding of the payment flow within the Pieze platform without making any financial transactions.

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